Yes!!! Jesus Loves Me…

My name is Susan Boykin, I am 48 years old, married with children and grandchildren and have been living in Clarksville, Tn for the last 12 years. I am originally from Wisconsin and much of my family still lives there.

My younger sister, Melissa, recently launched her blog, “Motherhood is an Art”. I highly recommend it, by the way, it is absolute genius. It is wise, wonderful, hilarious, thought provoking, inspirational, the whole nine. She said to me shortly after she started hers, “you should do one”.

And so I’m doing one.

We briefly brainstormed ideas for my blog’s point of view and all we could come up with initially was cooking. That might be a good idea as I am sure the blog world is not at all super saturated with cooking bloggers. Hmm..What else do I know a thing or 2 about.

I am down to one child, a teenager, actually, who is almost 17, left at home. My daughter just finished Dental Assisting school and upon completion toddled off to Wisconsin with my 3 beautiful grandsons to pick up where she left off with her fiancé who she has been in a relationship with for 3 years or so. My 20 year old son lives around the corner, subletting my daughter’s apartment that she just left and is always busy. My 28 year old son is living in paradise, (Hawaii) as his fiancé is stationed there in the Navy. He stayed with us from last August until May while she was deployed to Italy, so now I have to adjust to missing him all over again. I have 2 stepsons and they are living in MN.

So pretty much the motherhood ship has sailed off into the sunset and with my grandkids 700 miles away now, I wouldn’t have much grandma material to blog about either.

But there are my dogs…and cats… I have 8 dogs, (just got a new puppy Friday) and I have 3 cats. But I am sure this subject matter is pretty well populated in the blog sphere as well. Nonetheless, I’m sure I will be compelled to share a cute story or picture from time to time of my fur tribe. But I’m not compelled to make my animal hoarding tendencies the focus of my writing.

And then there is my husband. We have been together for a little over 9 years. We did the official paperwork and said the sacred vows in front of our Pastor, my 4 kids and my youngest grandson on the morning of Feb 29th this year. Just a spontaneous thing, no fanfare, didn’t shave my legs, put on makeup, nothin’. Just made it legal, our promise to love each other forever and EVER….

And while I am passionate about my husband and being married, I didn’t think this either would be the direction I should go for a blog should I decide to write one.

Something bigger decided what my blog would be about, or rather Someone bigger decided. I turned on the TV last night in my bedroom and before I got all the way nestled in my bed with 4 of my 8 dogs, it turned itself off. I started to grab the remote and God said, “I want to show you something”. He directed me to 2 Timothy 4 :1-5. You can read it for yourself. Then He (and my dog Kiwi who had to go to the bathroom) woke me up at 2 in the morning and He said, I will be the focus of your blog.

I’m good with that. I will NEVER run out of material. There is absolutely nothing I am more passionate about. And I have known God longer and loved Him longer than anyone else on Earth besides my mom and dad. I asked Him, “what shall I call it?”. I thought He said, “Yes!!! Jesus Loves Me”. But apparently either I heard Him wrong or He didn’t see that some other blogger on WordPress had already laid claim to that domain name. And so the next voice I heard asked, “see if anyone has snagged, “whatafriendwehave” for a domain.

Nope. That will work.

It is my solemn wish that I do God justice, sharing all of the miraculous and wonderful ways that He has moved in my life and brought me to this moment. This much I know is true, I do not believe anyone could love God as much as I do. I adore Him. I am in awe everyday of how full my heart is with Love for Him. And before now I didn’t tell many people about how Glorious my life is because of the intimate friendship that I have developed with Him. It grows deeper and I learn more and find new things to love about Him everyday. Just like when you spend lots of time with anyone, the relationship grows richer and richer.

God has told me the time has come. “Go and tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere…Start a blog and tell people what I tell you to tell them”.

And to that I reply, “Your Will be done, on Earth, as It is in Heaven”.

Have a blessed day and make it your business to bless everyone that crosses your path today.

About whatafriendwehave

I'm a 48 year Christian with a fervent desire that everyone would experience the treasure and miracle of walking hand in hand with God, all day, every day. I want everyone to hear His voice and to experience the reality that I have been so blessed to come into, "living on Earth as it is in Heaven". This is what God wants for us all...
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11 Responses to Yes!!! Jesus Loves Me…

  1. Yeah!!! You did it!!! Congratulations!! Have fun and enjoy! A great outlet for all your writing genius! I’m sure God won’t mind if you share a few recipes too! It would really help your sister out!!

  2. Gary boykin says:

    Congratulations sweetheart!

    Love you 🙂

  3. dledet says:

    Welcome to the blogging community! It is a journey I’m sure you’ll enjoy – as will we. Dave

  4. Vicki johnson says:

    Susan keep telling the world how you feel about Jesus, he is worthy to be praised, let him use you and he will bless you even more God bless you

  5. Andy Madonio says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for liking my Worship – Sometimes Its Silence post, and following my Patriarchs, Philosophers, & Phlip Phlops blog. I try and provide what I feel the Lord wants in order to make us all true disciples of his. I believe being true disciples is more important than most realize. I read this post, as well as Try, Try, Again …., and you have an ear for hearing his voice. Keep nurturing that. Thanks again.

  6. Congratulations! Make sure you get up and walk a little when you really get blogging feverishly! Look forward to your posts!

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