Delight in the Lord….

Image“Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalms 37:4).

This little angel in the picture is the most recent consequence of me delighting in the Lord, and my son, Sam, delighting in the Lord, as well. She is after all supposed to be officially Sam’s dog, even though I bought her, I’m potty training her, feeding her, etc.

The thing is, I did not even know she was a desire of my heart. God is so awesome that sometimes He goes to the heart of our desires and blesses us based on that. And sometimes it is the other way around. This is where many believers start slipping down the slippery slope whining, “God doesn’t answer my prayers. I’ve been praying for blah blah blah for 2 years and I haven’t seen squat.

First of all, have you been delighting in the Lord? And if you truly have been walking with and obeying God and your friendship is tight with Him and you are not seeing manifestation of what you have prayed for, there could be a couple of explanations.

One of the explanations is not that He is just blowing you off.

It could be that it is not the right time yet for God to manifest your prayer. For instance, you may be praying for a spouse, you are tired of being single, you are lonely. Without a doubt, this is a prayer that God is for sure going to answer. Sometimes, though, we try to be the Holy Ghost Junior, taking matters into our own hands because we get sick of waiting, and we end up with a crumb bum. If I had a nickel for every time I was guilty of this offense I would have about $6.35 right now. ( Man, I could really use that right now to go buy an egg McMuffin and a chocolate chip frappe for my breakfast). I have even thought with my infinite Faith and Love for God that I could turn a couple of these crumb bums that I pulled out of the gutter or off the dance floor at the club, into Mighty Men of God. I’ll tell you what, there wasn’t enough delighting in the Lord that I could have done in my lifetime to get these jokers to turn their lives around.

We need to be patient. Sometimes God is still working out all the kinks and perfecting the person that He has chosen for us for our life partner. It’s best we just let Him take care of that for us, as His way is much more effective than ours. God will get him or her all polished up for us and if we just wait and believe we will see the Perfect manifestation of that “spouse prayer” show up in the produce section in Walmart someday, or somewhere..

Another explanation is, that a desire of our heart could actually come into direct conflict with the true “heart of our desires”. When I was a little girl I believed I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I got older I thought maybe it was a doctor or nurse I wanted to be. While God knew that I loved animals and I loved people and I had a great compassion and empathy for all creatures, He knew I could not make a career out of witnessing animal or human suffering on a daily basis. I ran down the hall and vomited violently the day I had to take my young daughter in for stitches in her hand. The desire of her heart that day had been to make a fast food soda lid out of a margarine lid so she snuck a knife out of the kitchen and made a soda lid out of her hand.

Anyway, God just knew better than to let my veterinarian or medical career dreams come true. Now why He didn’t think my movie star dreams were worthy to be honored, I can’t figure that one out. Maybe He thought all of that glamour of Hollywood would tarnish my humble heart. (lol)

Back to the new puppy. My husband recently had been desiring a new car. He must of really been buddying up with Jesus, because my heart finally softened to the idea (and only God could’ve done that), and Gary got the orange Corvette convertible that he has longed for his whole life, or at so he says. Our deal has been in the past, if he gets a new car, I get a new puppy. I struck up this deal not so much because I wanted to be on the next episode of “Animal Hoarders”, but rather I thought this threat would put the new car discussions to rest. It was supposed to go like this:

Me: (after we already have 4 dogs and Gary wants a Dodge Viper that goes 400 miles an hour and gets 2 inches to the gallon) Fine!!! If you get a Viper, then I’m getting a new puppy.

Gary: Fine.

Me: Um, I mean, if you are getting a Viper then I am getting a boy puppy and a girl puppy and then they are going to get married and have more puppies and I am going to keep a couple of those puppies….

Gary: Fine. I’m flying to Daytona Saturday to pick up the Viper I have picked out.

And so I bought a Bichon/Papillion mix male, a Shia Poo female, and one year later I was blessed with a litter of 7 of the most beautiful puppies, who destroyed much of my home. (And it was TOTALLY worth it). I kept 2, a male that I named Mellow, and another male that we named Viper. Sadly, Viper suddenly died when he was 6 months old, prompting Gary to get rid of the Viper car, trading it in for a Furious Fushia Dodge Challenger. (I think him and God came up with that plan while enjoying a nice game of racquetball together).

Gary loved that car until my daughter told him it looked like a girl car.

And so after only 21 months of having the pink car, Gary sets his sights on this orange car.

Me: (after I had told Gary no way, you are not getting another car for a long, long time, but God swooped in and softened my heart so that Gary could get the desires of his heart), If you get that orange car, I swear to GOD I am getting a puppy!!!!!!

Gary: Fine

Me: You know that will then give us the huge, grand total of eight dogs living under our roof, 5 of which sleep in the bed with us and snore….

Gary: I know…

The thing is I didn’t even want a puppy. I didn’t want to be bothered with house training again, replacing chewed up woodwork, parting with favorite sandals that a puppy would inevitably chew up like all of the others have…

But I did swear to God that I was getting a puppy if he got the Corvette.

I found this puppy at the pet store on Tuesday after Bible study. I went and got my son, Sam, to take him to look at her, and it was, indeed, the kind of puppy he wanted. She’s a miniature Chihuahua and she has a white patch of hair on the back of her neck in the shape of (I kid you not), a heart. We didn’t take her home, however. I told him I was going to wait to see if this Corvette thing “happened” first.

That night I dreamt of this puppy. In the dream I am calling her Veeta. I was thinking it was a play on words my mind dreamed up, naming her something similar to the Cor (vette), like how we named Viper after the Viper…

Friday night the Corvette thing happens, (yay for Gary, yes God must really, really love this husband of mine, or this is how God rewards him for putting up with me). We had just enough time to stop at the pet store before it closed. I was half hoping the precious little fur ball had been sold.

On the drive over God laid it on my heart to go to the Google translate app on my phone and research the name I was calling my puppy to be in my dream. As we were pulling into the parking lot, there it was, my answer. I guess what I was actually calling her in my dream was, Vida, which means love, life and liveliness, in Spanish!!! I knew instantly that “the desire of my heart” was waiting for me in that cage inside the pet store…

As I sit here writing, Vida nibbling on a loose string on my night gown, my heart is shooting off fireworks of joy. This puppy that I didn’t even know I wanted, God knew I wanted. God went to the heart of my desires, and did it up big for me with little angel. This love God has for me, for all of us, it just takes my breath away.

Delight in Him!! He’ll give you vida….

About whatafriendwehave

I'm a 48 year Christian with a fervent desire that everyone would experience the treasure and miracle of walking hand in hand with God, all day, every day. I want everyone to hear His voice and to experience the reality that I have been so blessed to come into, "living on Earth as it is in Heaven". This is what God wants for us all...
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