Hanging Curtains With God

ImageDon’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all He has done.  Philippians 4:6 (New Living Translation 2007)

I have come to learn that God is NOT exaggerating a bit in this scripture.

For years the curtains in my living room have been the bane of my existence.  Apparently whoever built my house put no studs in the wall where my window is.  Consequently, when I hang curtains the hardware that gets screwed, hammered, super glued, and duct taped to the wall so that a curtain rod can be hung from it invariably works itself out of the wall in a matter of months, weeks, hours, even minutes, depending on the weight of the curtain fabric and/or on the weight of the curtain rod.  For the last 12 years I have searched for curtain fabric that was as weightless as tissue paper, for curtain rods that were as light as styrofoam.  I have put dozens of holes in my wall over the years in my quest for curtaining this window, and every time I am eventually cursed with a curtain rod that is eventually crooked or just all out lying on the floor because someone breathed on it a little to hard and the force of their hot breath caused the hardware to break free from the wall again!!!  I had tried everything, even enlisting the help of my husband on several occasions.  Not even his dusty power tools or those butterfly anchor things could stand up to this curtain hanging dilemma.

After the last time the curtains came tumbling down this Spring, I threw the rod and the curtains in the hallway in a huff and decided the windows were “going commando” for the time being until I could come up with a solution.

Day after day that curtain-less window mocked me, made me feel defeated.  One night I’m sitting there staring down that naked window, and it just occurs to me to pray about it.  

“So, God, how are you with curtain hanging?”

“If I can walk on water, and heal the sick, I can hang curtains”.

Immediately, God went to work.  My hands did as He instructed.  It was quite an elaborate operation He devised.  He had me to get the middle inserts from a couple of other curtain rods and He fashioned an extra long rod out of the original rod.  This rod was able to reach “virgin territory” that had not been blemished by gaping stripped nail and screw holes.  I was seeing the genius of this rod contraption immediately.  Not only did we have fresh wall to work with, but if this actually worked, all of the prior wall blemishes would be concealed.

God and I got up on the chair to screw in the brackets.  And guess what?  Studs showed up…  Not cute boy studs, but gorgeous, sexy, wooden studs, behind the wall that would hold these screws in place.

Glory, Glory, Halleluja!!!!!!!!!!! 

I could’ve saved so much energy worrying about those curtains, if I would’ve just gone to God from the start.  I just figured it was too trivial to go ask God for help with stuff like that.  But you know what, God said, “I love stuff like this.  That’s fine to come to me when you need cancer healed or you lost your job… But it is also so nice if my children were to ask me to just hang out with them, hang curtains with them…

Him and I recently had a marvelous morning peeling some boiled eggs that were giving me fits until I invited him to help… I laughed when I looked in the bowl when We were done.  There were my 2 mangled eggs that I peeled by myself nestled in with the 4 “perfect” eggs that He helped me with.

So, really, God means it.  Look at the peaceful puppy.  No worries, right?  Don’t you worry either.  Tell God what you need.

 And then thank Him, and take Him out for ice cream.


About whatafriendwehave

I'm a 48 year Christian with a fervent desire that everyone would experience the treasure and miracle of walking hand in hand with God, all day, every day. I want everyone to hear His voice and to experience the reality that I have been so blessed to come into, "living on Earth as it is in Heaven". This is what God wants for us all...
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6 Responses to Hanging Curtains With God

  1. I need some help with my boiled eggs…send him my way!!!!

  2. Stacey Blubaugh says:

    I love this! Simple and so, so good…which is exactly how we should think of our relationship with God. We overcomplicate things, don’t we and we make Him too religious! He is THE upmost in interior decorating! We should know that from Leviticus and from all of the lavish decorations. He did hang curtains in the temple, ya know?

  3. Thank you so much. I often feel like everyone either thinks I’m crazy or lying when I describe my relationship with my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are real people to me, not just some mystical Powers that live in some faraway place called Heaven. Don’t get me wrong, I sooo believe in Heaven, God has allowed me a few glimpses from time to time because He gets “delighted” by my “delight” when He shows me. He loves when I gush over the beautiful colors in Heaven that on Earth we have yet to see. He gets excited at my awe at how the water is different, I can’t describe that with words. My God is here on Earth with me and in Heaven at the same time. He’s here for all of us like that; that is the message that He wants me to spread. The thing is, when you realize that God is right here, right now, to hang out with, to consult, to get assistance from, our life here on Earth suddenly becomes “as it is in Heaven”.
    God has commissioned me to be His cheerleader, His biggest fan. I’m just cart wheeling through life now, shaking my pom- poms of joy, and I am so thankful that I He gave me the revelation of how closely He wants to walk with us. Or should I say He wants us to acknowledge how closely He walks with us. He’s next to every one of us, He wants us to quit ignoring Him. He’s really not invisible; God’s Power is far from invisible.
    I want everyone to be able to live in this realm of perfect peace that I have, to experience life as Heaven on Earth. I want everyone asking God to help them hang curtains, change tires, cook supper, raise their children, make their marriages awesome. He will absolutely do it!! We just have to ask.

  4. Hi, I noticed you had been to my blog and wanted to thank you and visit yours, boy am I so glad I did!!! I will be following you from here on out .Praise God!

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