Living With and Loving La Vida Loca…

It was just 2 weeks ago that this scrumptious puppy that I named “Vida” moved into our house and settled into our lives.   This dog is crazy with joy for life, she is happiness in action.  It may sound strange but it seems like there was apart of my heart that loved “Vida” before I even laid eyes on her, before I knew she existed.  How could that be?

Maybe this phenomenon operates on the same principle that “we were made to love Him”.  When we give our life over to loving God and accepting Jesus as our Savior, there is a place in our being that is already made to be loving Him.  He created us after all.  There is a “kangaroo pouch” that is stitched inside of all of our beings where God patiently waits for us to hear His voice whisper to us that He loves us, “make Me the Lord of your life so that you can have live your life with abundance, with health, with prosperity, with peace and joy”.

There is just no way that I could’ve only loved Vida for 2 weeks.

Start loving God today, make Jesus the Lord of your life right now, and you will be saying the same thing about Him in 2 weeks.

About whatafriendwehave

I'm a 48 year Christian with a fervent desire that everyone would experience the treasure and miracle of walking hand in hand with God, all day, every day. I want everyone to hear His voice and to experience the reality that I have been so blessed to come into, "living on Earth as it is in Heaven". This is what God wants for us all...
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4 Responses to Living With and Loving La Vida Loca…

  1. Very nice post!! I can’t wait to meet Vida!! She is absolutely adorable!!

  2. Stacey Blubaugh says:

    Chihuahua’s….my favorite! I can’t remember not having loved mine either! =)

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