What a Friend We Have


My name is Susan Boykin.  I am 48 years old,  I’m a Christian, a wife, a mom, a granny, a daughter, an Aunt, a cousin, a friend.  My Best Friends are, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

My relationship with these Friends is sacred and holy, yes,  but my relationship with God has nothing to do with religion and rules.  It is so much more than that, so much more powerful and real and amazing.  It is my wish for everyone to know God like this.  And that is why God asked me to do this blog, (and my sister was a great help too!).

I’m one of God’s cheerleaders.  I love Him with every fiber of my being.  He loves me more.  He’s perfect and I’m not but He loves me anyway and He spoils me rotten.

I hope by reading my blog I may teach others the Miracles that are waiting for those who  give their life to Jesus and choose to live according to God’s will, becoming obedient to His Word.

His commands for us are easy to remember; love Him with all of your heart, and love others and do unto others as you want them to love you and do unto you.

The second part of this command can trip us up.  It tripped me up for a long time.  I was all about loving others, it was loving myself that was a problem.  When I got that all squared away, things really started to fall into place in my life.

So go ahead, if you haven’t already given your life over to God, do that now.  Then get serious about loving and forgiving yourself, God has…  Everything else will start falling into place.

This is the place you want to be, trust me on this.  Being best friends with God is crazy, crazy good.  I have Perfect Joy, Perfect Peace, everyday, all day.

I will never dare even tip toe over the line again into the world and out of His will.  God doesn’t deserve that.

He has proved Himself so faithful to me and has provided me with an abundance of Goodness in my life that was at one time wayyyyy beyond my comprehension of ever receiving.

And so I vow I will stay faithful to Him.  I strongly encourage you to do the same…

Heaven can wait!   God has brought His Heaven to Earth for me to enjoy right here, RIGHT NOW!!!

Be blessed.

6 Responses to What a Friend We Have

  1. It's a matter of prayer says:

    I read this early and was moved by your openness and sincerity. God wants us to come before him without pretenses. We will pray that He blesses you and makes your light to shine. You have no apologies to anyone.

    Ken & Maggie
    It’s a matter of prayer

  2. Hey Susan, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to check out Here & There, and am humbled you are interested in future posts! I was reading your post about stopping the medication…wow! That was a huge step of faith and discernment…God certainly does still speak to us today, and the more we get to know Him through His word, through prayer, service…the more we know when it’s His voice calling and speaking to us! Good on ya for not only hearing, but for obeying and allowing a testimony to be lived out through you!

  3. mybroom says:

    Hi Susan,
    great to meet you, cheers Graeme

  4. annedesa says:

    Hi. Yours is one of my favourite blogs here on WordPress. And I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

    Please see http://lifechristnme.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/blog-awards/

    Keep up the great work.

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